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Neil Bhandari, Generalist. Working, building, thinking and making in and around Chicago, Illinois, since 1981. Younger brother, ocean lover, pizza maker, #2 hitter, storyteller, world traveler, satisfied dinner guest. Seeking thrills, honing skills, paying bills.

Jessica Mannion hails from the frozen ultra-conservative hell hole that is Alaska, but managed to smarten up and find her way to Brooklyn, New York where she thrives in her new career as a job hunter.

Mike Quinlan was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, but lives and works now in north central Florida.  He enjoys writing and learning about hermitry, politics, and philosophy, though not necessarily in that order.

Michelle Friedman lives in New York City and is a graduate student in the New School's MFA in creative writing program with a concentration in poetry.

Joseph McCahill lives and works in Chicago with his wife.

Marty Lelugas is a card-player, gambler, scoundrel – the type of man Princess Leia is in to. In his spare time he enjoys board games, battling a crippling addiction to RC Cola, and watching "Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives." Born in Minneapolis, raised in Chicago, he now resides in Omaha, the Paris of the upper Great Plains.

Elizabeth Futrell grew up near Chicago, IL, the oldest of four girls. She currently resides in Raleigh, North Carolina, where the air is piney and sweet, the sky is always Carolina blue, and macaroni & cheese is considered a vegetable.

Kevin McCahill spent his entire education in public schools, and had to take summer class after 2nd grade to learn to read. He went on to graduate from the University of Illinois with a degree in English, and now works in IT as a Systems Administrator. He enjoys playing sports against the unathletic, whiskey, rocking out and following the Chicago Bears and White Sox.

Bryan Douglas lives in Seattle, drinks too much coffee and works on the waterfront. At any given time there is probably enough caffeine energy in his system to supply power to a small village. Él estudia el flamenco con "El Comanche Gitano."

K.D. Effrain was born in New York City. He studied at the University of Chicago and Oxford University. He is surrounded by good friends and derives his inspiration from them.

Milan Bhandari lives in the near-silence of Chicago’s South Loop. He enjoys living mostly vicariously through the exploits of fictional characters.

Patty Wetli was born in Indiana, grew up in Ohio and lives in Chicago but is pretty sure she's supposed to be British. She's the shortest of four siblings.

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