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August Walk

By Joeseph McCahill

It’s august and I’m on a walk

The penetrating sounds of public transportation spark sudden delight

I’ve been recently dumped And that singles goal is not worth it

Being too afraid to make a choice myself That freedom I hate

Where should I go when I cannot hear my own wishes?

A second bus stops to my left and this time I get in

Riding to the Southside for no reason

I see the shuttered buildings I think about a reversal of time, color, and place

Once a whistle could get you killed

Lips ready, I am along for the ride I know to get hurt

Wading through people on the same ride wondering

Just the thought of a random drive-by to make a remembrance out of my sad life

Another stop and groceries are off a bus

And I think about the loneliness of sex

Soon I hear some song of longing and the darkness of the human mind, but it's there and it's from me again

I can't stand the pity

Its not about us anymore and I get up

He was just a boy

And I should be a man by now

Again I am on a walk

This time back home to belonging

And the colors and places walk in time with me

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