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Elizabeth Futrellgrew up in the southwest suburbs and then grew up even more in the city. She's lived in Africa, Asia, and currently resides in the American South, but her heart belongs to Chicago. Her favorite springtime activity is sipping Tecate with lime at Wrightsville Beach.

Neil Bhandari, Generalist. Working, building, thinking and making in and around Chicago, Illinois, since 1981. Younger brother, ocean lover, pizza maker, #2 hitter, storyteller, world traveler, satisfied dinner guest. Seeking thrills, honing skills, paying bills.

Bryan Douglas uses manual typewriters. He also studies Flamenco & surrealism and drinks too much coffee: all perhaps to the detriment of his neighbors.

Harry Parks resides in Brooklyn, New York. He lives off a dwindling savings account and a modest wage he earns as a bagel store employee and ex-manager.

Aaron Whallon is like fresh sawdust on the tip of an NHLer's skate blade. He lives in New York City and doesn't want to grow up because if he does he can't be a Toys "R" Us kid.

Mike Quinlan was born and raised in Illinios but lives now in Central Florida. This is his fifth contribution to IATS.

Milan Bhandari now lives in the South Loop of Chicago. Despite spending mostly all his life in the relative vicinity, his being once born in New Jersey explains, though doesn’t excuse, his continued fondness for Bon Jovi.

Michelle Friedman is a New York City based person who does not like labels. She enjoys cupcakes, ice cream and sushi.

Joseph McCahill works and lives in Chicago IL. His passions include reading, daytime jokes, watching sports, and cooking. In his teens he was once compared looks-wise to a young Ethan Hawke. He continues to exist despite a dramatic down-turn in appearance, and has tricked a beautiful woman into marrying him.

K.D. Effrain was born in New York City. He studied at the University of Chicago and Oxford University. He is surrounded by good friends and derives his inspiration from them.

Patty Wetli was born in Indiana, grew up in Ohio and lives in Chicago but is pretty sure she's supposed to be British. She's the shortest of four siblings.

Andrew Stamm is a professional Web & Graphic Designer located in Chicago. He spends his free time learning digital photography, advancing his Web Design knowledge and roaming Chicago with his dSLR in hand.

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